Welcome to the US TAXO Tax Resource Library, our main access point for tax information, guidance, resources, and practice aids specifically designed for the ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). Our goal is to provide our members with the resources they need to elevate their practices, keep up with the ever changing tax law, stay current on trending issues and hot topics, and maintain the highest ethical standards. Resource pages are organized by primary tax service lines (e.g., planning or preparation) and practice areas (e.g., ethics or tax practice management).

The US TAXO has been working with a global investor taskforce to produce guidance on engagement with companies on corporate tax issues. Tax time is upon us and NAFSA resources are here to help! . It includes an overview of the current tax landscape, the case for engagement, practical examples of how to conduct dialogue and good company practice. Tax time is upon us and NAFSA resources are here to help.

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