Tax Planing / Advisory Services

Free Tax Planning/Advisory Services

There is nothing more important than proper tax planning. It is absolutely vital and must happen before the Tax year ends! Proper tax planning also often leads to proper retirement planning along with savings in the form of retirement contributions. The team of “US TAXO” provides more than tax planning services; we provide tax reduction and tax planning strategies that complement our tax maintenance and other preparation services.

With decades of experience, our main aim is save clients tax dollars and to generate wealth through comprehensive financial coaching and tax planning. We offer both individual tax planning and business tax planning services that will take the stress out and the confusion of retirement planning. We are specialize in handling complicated tax situations for a wide range of businesses including LLC’s, S-Corporations and as well as for non-profits Corporations. When tax season is upon us, you will receive MORE refunds and paying LESS tax with our proper planning.

At US TAXO, we make sure you are able to save time, avoid penalties, maximize your returns and interest on both federal and state taxes; as well as help you to inform you about several other important deadlines. Our goal is to put more money in your pocket. If you are not currently a client, send copies of your prior year tax returns by scanning and e-mailing us at  We will review and respond to you FREE OF ANY CHARGES! We always believe in offering value added services to our clients. Let us take a look.

Preparing Personal Tax Returns can be a worrying commitment. US TAXO can relieve you of this burden by preparing your Personal Tax Returns for you. Our comprehensive Personal Tax Return Service is a natural complement to our Corporation Tax Return Service. With a team of highly qualified and experienced Tax Accountants, we do everything to minimize your tax while making the overall taxation process efficient, easy and cost-effective as possible.